• J.C. Zietsman Redakteur / Editor


It has been a great honour for me as outgoing editor to be able to see this specific volume of Akroterion through to its final stages. Writing the editorial column gave me the opportunity to reflect on what the journal has accomplished since 2001. It is gratifying to note that with the constant support of the editorial board, the continued submissions by authors (of which only about 60% are finally published), the selfless work of reviewers, the diligence of the editorial assistants (dr. Maridien Schneider and mrs. Carien Punt), and above all the positive feedback from readers, we have succeeded in what we set out to do eight years ago: “that efforts should be made to promote an awareness of Classics among the general public” and “that Akroterion should cater for a broader reading public by publishing articles that have a general appeal without sacrificing their academic value” (Editorial, Akroterion 46:2001).
Editorial / Redaksioneel